Mission Statement/About Us

Mission Statement:

Our goal and journey of Arabel Co is hand in hand with environmental impact and accessibility, through affordability, of unique and modern "luxury" or "higher-end" clothing, accessories and fashionable items. 

About Us:

Arabel Co (Arabel Collection), is an online curated thrift shop. We offer fashionable items the potential to seek their second life, away from landfills! All our items are loved and cared for before they begin their journey to be cared and loved by their new home and fashionable parent/s :p 

Arabel Co was started by TamARA maBEL spring of 2023! I loved thrifting since a young age but quickly became ashamed at a young age of buying second hand clothing due to the stigmas attached to buying second hand. I grew excitement when thrifting began being acceptable, and even praised, due to all the pros vs the cons. I continued thrifting with for my own closet as I began to fall more and more in love with finding and scoring beautiful pieces. I would often times find pieces which necessarily did not fit my style but were still undeniable beautiful pieces, I also found many pieces that I would die to own but would not fit me, being to small, big, tight, loose, short, tall, etc. I began purchasing these items for family friends and finally thought, "what if i find these pieces for strangers on the internet with beautiful styles and taste, that maybe do not have the time, patience (me too tho), or even accessibility for such beautiful finds. I cannot wait to see this thrift store grow, and see how beautifully you beautiful people bring these pieces back to life!!!